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Bee my Valentine?

Good Morning and Happy Valentine’s Day Peaches! I can’t believe it is already middle of February (!!!!) and my goodness what a crazy year it has been so far!! Australian wild fires, plagues coming from the Far East, and what the heck with the potential of world war 3 at the beginning of the year?? I think 2020 wants to outdo the shit show that was 2019. Well I guess it hasn’t stopped people from celebrating this loving holiday as couple share an extra kiss or two. Igor and I haven’t ever really gotten to celebrate Valentine’s Day. For us it’s just another day, another dollar, as we both work today. I made several mini cakes this week for Valentine’s Day and a birthday. All pretty in pink. I tried a few new tricks when decorating these cakes. Since I don’t have much to say about Valentine’s Day, I’m just gonna post some pictures and a cute video of my new Valentine’s Day cake.

Happy Valentine’s Day to you and your loves. -PP

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