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Bunnies, Cake & Quarantine? Huh?

Good Lordy Peaches!! It has been a crazy week! I started this week by staying with my dad after he was released from the hospital Saturday. Basically bunkered down with him for the remainder of the weekend while watching movies and discovering this AMAZING pizza from Kroger. I caught up on some much needed sleep, as you don’t get much while staying in the hospital. Then Sunday, I made us some frozen pizzas he had in the fridge. One of which I was completely shocked to see in his freezer, as the name alone would have made him sick. But I am not picky and I thought it was worth a shot. This pizza was the Simple Truth (Kroger’s Organic brand) Goat Cheese, Beet Root and Butternut Squash thin crust. Yea, sounds like someone trying to ruin pizza on a dare. Oh my goodness, this pizza was so good. I added a little diced onion and sliced some apple chicken sausages (to add meat) before I baked it. I’m addicted.

After my dad gave me the go ahead to head home so he could fend for himself, I got home and had almost a free week, as I had requested off work, due to his surgery. So, what do the Lombardi’s so when off work? We buy bunnies. Yes, your read that correctly. We bought 3 bunnies. Igor and I have wanted to move to a property with a good bit of land, because we have always wanted a sustainable homestead. Well, since we can’t accomplish a move right now, especially as the world seems to be shutting down because of Covid-19. So we decided to make a small step and get some bunnies to breed. As soon as this chill goes away, we’ll be planting some veggies as well. I know, it all sounds a bit crazy. But, no matter how crazy it sounds, check out these cute babies!!! Ok, so here we have Cinnabun, Fluff and Beansy (because she has a trail of black spots going down her back that look like little black beans) Fluff and Beansy are our does, and Cinnabun is our buck. They are super cute and super fluffy. Beansy is definitely my favorite. She is already getting comfy with me.

Ok, so this week I also made a new cake. Pina Colada Cake! This tasty cake is made up of a light and fluffy coconut cake, pineapple filling and a pina colada buttercream. I made it for my fellow server, Jen. Her birthday is today, so I delivered it to her while she was working. I had some customers ask me which bakery I worked at. I have got to get my bakery started. I just wonder how much I can get done while the world is shutting down.

Speaking of, how are all of you doing during this time? Georgia doesn’t currently have a shelter in place order, but I feel it is coming any day. As of now I am still working, but my hours have been drastically reduced. Where are you from and how is your town or state handling this pandemic?

As always, until next time, stay peachy and stay safe! -PP

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