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Climbing Mountains

Hi Peaches! During our honeymoon, the Hubby and I went on a hike! Together! This hike was hard, and honestly, most first steps are. They take you out of safe space and make you uncomfortable. For most people, their first instinct is to turn and run for shelter. Get back to the the comforts that they knew. The known. It feels safe. Even if those first uncomfortable steps are leading them down a better path.

I have started a new journey in this life and I am taking it step by step. Just as I took that mountain. I had to stop and breathe along the way, but i am so proud of myself for pushing through it and making it to the end. A simple half mile hike made such a large impact on my life. Since I haven’t given it any credit so far, I am going to brag for a moment.

We took a cruise to Alaska for our honeymoon. Now, if you haven’t been, you have never known such majestic beauty. This was my third trip, and it was as breathtaking as the first time I traveled there. It is not all frozen tundra.

The day we hiked, we took the Mount Robert’s Tramway 1,800 feet up the side of this beautiful mountain. From there, you have several options for hiking and activities. My amazing husband gave me so much encouragement when talking me into hiking with him. He wanted to explore and see everything; and he wanted to do it with me by his side. In 2017, I had taken my younger sister on the same trip. I regret to say, I never went outside of the lodge when we got to the top of the mountain. I stayed inside, sitting in the cafe, while my sister went to wander around. I felt fat and insecure. I felt like I couldn’t even step out onto the viewing deck for fear I would fall through because of my morbidly obese weight.

Those fears are now squashed.

I am strong. I am powerful.

I will keep climbing these mountains until i reach my goals. I have a long way to go. I may trip, I may stumble, and I may need to stop and rest on a rock every few paces, but I am going to make it to the top and feel such joy when i look back and see what i have accomplished. I have not felt this empowered in almost a decade. It just proves that taking those first few steps really can change your life. We plan to go back in a few years, maybe even to move up there. But it is a goal for me to go back and hike to the top. A goal i will continue to push myself to. Never stop climbing. Bye bye for now – PP

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