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Do Something That Makes YOU Happy!

Updated: Jul 2, 2019

Hello Peaches!

Leading up to our wedding, my husband and I got into several fairly difficult conversations. The stress and life had gotten a bit overwhelming and we started to lash out at each other. During this time we had a lot of open dialog as we worked through some differences. One outcome of this dialog was the agreement and commitment to each other that once all of the festivities of our wedding and honeymoon were over, we would come home and work on us, individually and as a couple. We decided to get healthy together, start eating healthier, exercising and also getting mentally and emotionally healthy.

Through this, we discussed starting over in our careers and working towards our goals and dreams. One of his demands to me, was that he wanted me to pick up a hobby. Something I would work on weekly, which would give me a break from my weekly stresses and help me break down my depression and anxiety. I have had several hobbies through the years, most of which I still enjoy. Painting and crafts, baking and cooking, traveling, etc. The stereotypical basic white girl list of hobbies. So, since traveling requires money and time off of work, I decided to go with baking and painting.

So, I am now pursuing a field of baking and pastry, starting with applying for a bakery position at Publix or Kroger. Publix has a great training program, and since everyone (at least in the Southeast region) knows that Publix cakes are the absolute BEST, they are my first choice. I've already started to practice! Thankfully, my dad’s birthday was yesterday, so I was able to make him a sugar free Chocolate Vanilla Layer cake with Cheesecake Mousse and chocolate frosting.

Now, I know this isn’t the prettiest most fancy cake, however, as it is the first cake I have make in about 5 years, and it was completely last minute and completed in a hurry, I would say I did pretty well! I am going to continue to invest time into this field as I wait patiently for my spot in a bakery.

Onto hobby numero dos! Painting! I love painting! Again, I wouldn’t say I’m a super talented painter, but there is something about bringing color to a blank canvas that makes me happy. I hope to finish a few paintings I put to the side, and to venture onto harder paintings. I really enjoy acrylics, because to me, they are the most forgiving. However, I would really love to do some work with watercolors. I love how the colors blend. They are soft and delicate, but have so much depth and color. I hope to show some more completed art soon, if only there were more hours in the day! Or, at the very least, if money could some how grow on tress? (If someone can work on that, i'd be a fan!)

Food and art allow me to express the color within me. It allows me to color my world, and to have the great opportunity to color other's lives. I have lived too many days in black and white, and instead of gray area, I would love to have a rainbow area. Don't allow the world to dampen your days. Make time to do something for yourself. Add a little color back into your life, one cake or painting at a time. Until next time ~ PP

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