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New Puppy! Meet Brix!

Good afternoon Peaches! This morning has been full of excitement! We got a new puppy!! Well, even though I feel all dogs are puppies, no matter what age (age is just a number, right ladies??) Brixy isn’t technically a puppy. He is almost 2 years old. He is actually one of the babies our Willa had before we adopted her.

A little back-story on our two furbabies, we adopted Willa last September from a wonderful rescue here in Georgia, Hero Dog Rescue. They are a wonderful group that helps rescue pups and adopt them into their forever homes. Igor and I went to a local Kroger to shop for “pumpkins” as they were out in preparation for Halloween. He surprised me with this wonderful adoption event. We saw Willa and fell absolutely in love! She is a beautiful coppery color, similar to my hair, and she is a boxer-pit mix. She was so sweet and playful and she was already almost 2 years old, so no puppy training and we loved the idea of giving her a loving forever home where she could feel safe and happy for the rest of her life. We got to know her foster moms, Rena and Sherry and talked to them for a while about her while sitting and cuddling and playing with her.

So, fast-forward a year. I had been following Hero Rescue and had been friends with Rena and Sherry on Facebook. I had seen several postings about Brix and learned he had been returned to Hero Rescue. I watched the posts, as I felt a connection to it being one of our girl’s puppies. I watched as they continued to post about him and hoping someone would adopt this sweet boy. Well, after a couple months he hadn’t been adopted. This sweet boy had not been doing well since he had been back in foster care, as most pups aren’t when released from what they thought was their forever family. They feel stressed and displaced. With the added stress, he wasn’t eating properly and was having some tummy problems, so his weight had dropped to concerning numbers. I felt so bad that he had been returned and spoke with Hero about possibly fostering him so he wasn’t to go to intermittent boarding. I had hoped being back with his mom would help him feel less stressed.

Well, this morning, we got him!!! Rena dropped our boy off this morning in the wee hours and it has been pure bliss for both of my babies!! There is no way that we aren’t keeping him. Willa is so happy to have a friend and I know they remember each other. Willa has been a little jealous of the affection, but she loves the cuddles they are both getting. I can’t wait for them to get more comfortable with each other and to see them both happy. Igor will be home shortly to join the puppy cuddles I have been getting all day.

I think they will be happy with each other's company. Even if Willa is a little jealous.

Speaking of, i think they are wondering why I have stopped petting them J Until next time Peaches. Keep moving forward, and don’t forget to stop for cuddles - PP

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I've read all of your posts BUT my MOST favorite is Brixy!! The New Grandpup! Gigi loves Willa Deen and Brixy Boy!!! Love this BLOG!!

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