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Unicorn Birthday Cakes and Hospital Beds

Howdy Peaches! Forgive me if I stumble over my words this afternoon. I feel I need to give a little background before I type this. For the past couple months, my dad has been going through extensive tests and even two biopsies observing and diagnosing a spot on his lung. Now, before you panic, as we are currently dealing with this horrible worldwide pandemic, let me assure you, he will be okay. I am currently sitting at Emory University Hospital on the east side of Atlanta, and they have just completed his surgery. Due to this pandemic, the surgery was almost cancelled, then rescheduled, and rescheduled again, to this morning. Towards the end of January my dad went in for a routine physical, just as a preventative measure and to ask a few questions about some very mild things he has started dealing with in regards to his health. During this physical a few tests came back showing a mass on the upper lobe of his left lung, about 3 cm in diameter. Due to its size and location, the doctors were concerned and scheduled a biopsy to determine if it was cancer. The biopsy went well and the test results came back negative, but a PT scan showed that the center was inactive but the perimeter of the mass was active. So on to biopsy number two. After a few complications in trying to get a sample, the finished the biopsy, unsuccessfully. As the concern grew through the medical team working on my dad’s case, they decided to go ahead and schedule surgery to remove the mass and biopsy after removal. So, this morning at the ripe time of 5:30am, we arrived at the hospital for this surgery. After a few laughs and flirting with some of the nurses, they wheeled him back. Thankfully, our preacher had come to pray with us before they took him back, and he was able to wait with me during the procedure. Brother Marty and I visited and shared our recent news, as I have not seen him since he officiated our wedding. He helped comfort me, as I was understandably nervous. The time seemed to drag on endlessly as we waited for news, any news. Finally, I got the call that they had finished the procedure, and that the surgeon wanted to meet with me. I followed the trail of hallways to the meeting room where I was to meet with him and learn the results of what this mass was. It’s not cancer! At this point, I’m not even sure I’m awake, because this has been such a miracle of a day, and I fear I may be dreaming. However, after the initial tests have been performed, they can definitively say, the mass was not cancerous. Now, they did say they would be sending it to the lab for more testing, but those results may take a week or so to get processed. We are now in his hospital room as he recovers. He’s recovering well and even says he would like to go for a walk around the floor in a little while.

While, I do want to mention, as this growing pandemic threatens to alter our lives as we know them, the hospital staff at this facility have been absolutely amazing. The nurses, the doctors, hospital security and even the cafeteria staff have been so helpful and accommodating. I haven’t ever been to this hospital, but it will be my first choice and first recommendation to anyone who has to have any kind of procedure done. As far as this pandemic goes, I know I’ve read and seen the news about job loss and business closing, and I hope you all are doing ok. It seems that times ahead are looking scarier by the minute and I don’t know what all of this will lead to. Please keep your heads high (and your hands washed) as we head into this time of massive uncertainty.

Now, onto a brighter note, This past week I have had the greatest pleasure making my first Unicorn Cake! My friend and ex co-worker, Melissa, asked me to make the cake for her 40th birthday! I can’t believe she is turning 40, since she doesn’t even look 30 yet! I just delivered this beauty her cake yesterday and she LOVED it! So, Mel is not a sweet eater, and she doesn’t really even like cake, but since it is her birthday, of course, she had to have cake! When we were initially planning her cake, she said she just wanted chocolate cake, with buttercream frosting. I was disappointed, as I have been wanting to play with some flavorings I had gotten. So, this week when I was confirming the cake with her, I mentioned the idea of flavoring her cake in a way I thought she would love. Since she loves the Iced Mocha from Dunkin Donuts, I thought, why not try a Mocha cake, with a Caramel Coffee buttercream. The flavor seemed right up her ally. She agreed and said it sounded tasty. So, I baked and cooled my cake layers, and whipped up my frosting. I was so excited to taste test the cake and frosting, I may have leveled the cakes a little early. Oh my goodness! This cake was delicious!!!! It was chocolaty, with the perfect subtle hint of coffee from the frosting. It tasted like a fluffy tiramisu. It is definitely a cake I want to make again. I used the colors we had discussed and frosted the cake with a pink ombre effect. I added a little pearl spray to the ears and gave the horn a golden shimmery coat. It all came together without a hitch. I’m hoping to create more of these cakes soon! This was so much fun to make! Happiest of birthdays girl! 40 has never looked so good! Until next time, Peaches. Keep pushing, stay strong and most importantly, stay safe! - PP

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