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BBQ, Bikers & Bunny Smash Cakes.. oh my?

Good Morning Peaches! How are we this morning???

I’m sorry it’s been so long. Finding the time to sit down and ramble out my thoughts and the <cough, cough> exciting life I live, is proving to be a little more difficult than I initially anticipated. I feel like life is flying by at the speed of light. After National Waffle Week, I had a couple here and there cakes. I made a wonderful oreo buttercream frosting that is to die for, but the most amazing, I made my first smash cake! I was asked to make a bunny smash cake with matching cupcakes. I haven’t worked much with fondant in so long, and I had to make all these bunny ears! They started falling apart on the way to delivery, but it was a good lesson learned. I also found frosting spray. I’m not sure if there is a technical term for it, but it is basically edible color in a can. I sprayed the cake and cupcakes down with the pearl shimmer and gave them this beautiful sparkly finish. Baby girl loved her cake, but didn’t do much smashing. It was more of a delicate smooshing, than a smash. Everyone else enjoyed the cupcakes.

After all the cakes, I took the morning off to go to the lodge’s annual fall BBQ. I haven’t ever smelled BBQ this good. It was amazing. We had such a fun time and we got to see a motorcycle ride with about 60 bikes! They surely know how to make an entrance. There were so many volunteers making BBQ plates for all of the orders and all of the bikers. They had their own little BBQ assembly line. I even got the chance to pack up some trays. After an exciting morning of BBQ and bikers, I headed to a great shift at WaHo, slingin waffles and hasbrowns.

Speaking of, I have to get ready for work now! Untill next time! Keep pushing to your goals!! - PP

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