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New Year, New Flu! Wait.. What??

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

Happy New Year Peaches!! I say that as I fight to stay upright. Well, if 2019 wasn’t rough enough, my start to 2020 is shaping up to be real swell. I worked through Christmas, and somehow have gotten the dreaded F word. Yes, after 30 years on this planet, I have finally contracted… The Flu. *dismal apocalyptic music playing in the background, as you hear your inner monologue say “Dun, Dun, Dunnnnnn”*. At least I still have my sarcastically dramatic sense of humor.

Now, I don’t know if I actually have the flu, as I do not have the means to go to a Dr. to get tested. Silly millennial. Quitting her job that provides wonderful healthcare to go to an entry level server position with a healthcare plan that helps give a backbone to the socialist party. I digress. Even though I am unable to make it to the doctor’s office to get tested, I’m fairly certain I have the flu. Headache, body aches, cough and cold symptoms and a lovely fever teetering around the 102 degree mark. Dr Google has assured me with plenty of rest and fluids that I should make a full recovery in a few days. I have learned that a hot soaking bath with the shower running and some eucalyptus oil can do the body wonders. Since about Saturday, I have been in bed. If I’m not in bed you can probably find me in the bath, since it has been my only physical comfort these past few days. I think our water bill may spike this month, simply from this mess.

Willa says "Get Better Momma!"

While I am on bed rest for the next few days, I am thinking about my new year’s resolutions. Through the years I feel as though I have given this well known tradition the “old college try”. I make a list of goals for the year, and then, as February and March progress, I become less motivated to accomplish the goals I had made. This year, I am trying to make reasonable goals. One of the most important, in my opinion, is the goal to start my bakery and get my business licensed. It would be such a feat to make this dream a reality. Of course, I battle with the self doubt in pursuing this venture. “Am I good enough?” “ What if I fail?” But the real question I feel I need to be asking is “What do I do, when I succeed?” It has been a struggle to see the forest from the trees these past few months, because I have never started a business. I’ve never had to run my own company. But then, what was I doing for the past 9 years? Knitting a sweater? No! I was preparing for this very moment. I may not have known it then, but I was training for my dreams. I was subconsciously working toward a goal. With the knowledge and skills I have acquired over the past decade, I can take the next step, or really take the plunge and start this new adventure! Even if one small step at a time, I can take this dream, turn it into a goal, and then make it a reality. And by George, that is just what I’m going to do! Well, as soon as I climb off this deathbed of mine and recover from the MACK truck named Flu that has just run me over.

My Bakery Logo!!

Looks like it may be time for another soaking shower. One small step can become a giant leap. Keep pushing Peaches. Until next time -PP

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