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Waffles, Waffles Everywhere!

Happy National Waffle Week Peaches!! I have now been at Waffle House for a little over two months, and I am so happy. It has been so nice, after wearing all of the hats I wore with the last career, to have a simple hourly job. I don’t have to worry about employees or invoices or inventory. I come in, work, and at the end of the day, I get to go home (as long as I finish my side work!).

This week at WaHo, we are celebrating National Waffle Week, and lucky me, I had the immense pleasure and privilege to make a Waffle cake. I had so many different ideas of what kind of cake I wanted to make. Since we have a number of different toppings available, it came down to a vote from the democracy working today. My first pick was a peachy version. Surprise, Surprise. Ha! Second flavor pick was a blueberry Cheesecake version, with Blueberry waffles, and a cream cheese butter cream frosting. We had some other crazy ideas, like doing a lemon buttercream on the Blueberry for a Blueberry Lemon Waffle cake, and a PB&J Flavor, but the craziest was a Maple Bacon Waffle Cake, with Bacon waffles and a maple cinnamon buttercream. I’m sure all of these would have been delicious. I mean, with combos like that, how could they not have been. We ended up deciding on a Chocolate Peanut Butter Waffle Cake. The next step was deciding how we would put this all together. We decided 8 waffles would be the equivalent to a 4 layer cake. So each “layer” ended up being two waffles with chocolate and peanut butter chips in the middle, stacked and frosted with a champagne butter cream frosting. Gotta get a little fancy with it right? I mean, it is Waffle House after all. I will say this about making a waffle cake, is it is super spongy and ends up kinda chewy. But that is what a cold waffle is, right? Everyone seemed to enjoy it and I had the joy of making it onsite and so our customers were able to see it being made. I think it turned out pretty cool. Do you have any nifty mash-ups you have done in the past?

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