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Turning the Dirty 30!

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

Happy Birthday to me Peaches!! I just turned the dirty 30 on Monday, and I have to tell you, I’M TOTALLY FREAKING OUT! I have been dreading being 30. It’s just such a large milestone. I’m no longer young and in my twenties. My ovaries are screaming at me to procreate. Is that a GRAY HAIR?! Ha! Ok, so I may be overreacting just a smidge. 30 isn’t what it used to be. Now days, some people aren’t graduating college til about now, some are even just starting their careers, and women, believe it or not, are having children still.

It’s no longer like the 50’s ladies. You are not a failure if you don’t have the perfect house, marriage, babies and a family dog by the time you’re 25. Repeat: I AM NOT AN OLD HAG! I feel as women, and even men, we have been taught to put so much pressure on ourselves to have it completely together by this age. That if we as women, haven’t found us a husband and started popping out little ones, we are somehow unaccomplished in life.

I spent my 20’s working for a multi-million dollar company in an industry that is growing internationally. I dealt with fortune 500 companies, helped lead business meetings with customers, and managed a whole network of contacts and employees. I was an HR manager, Product Manager and Account Manager all before I turned 30. I learned countless skills and mastered my trade. No, I didn’t spend my 20s looking for a husband, but I spent it growing and learning about myself.

As easy as I know it is to freak out about another birthday (believe me, I’ve been there before) calm down, and toast yourself to another year survived and look forward to the coming year and all of your upcoming obstacles and adventures. Even if you’re turning 60! You aren’t dead yet, gorgeous. You got this. Make every moment count and celebrate you and the life you have lived. Celebrate the successes and the setbacks. They both taught you lessons. And please, don’t worry about the biological clock that you feel is ticking in your womb. It will happen when it is meant to. Have faith and carry on lady. You got this. Happy Birthday!

P.S. I made myself a birthday cake.. Only my second cake since my dad’s cake.. Whatcha think??

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